Google Minimizes Press Release Headlines

Headlines are the first critical words used to draw in readers!

When using Google, what if you read the headline “Welcome to the website of the Public Services Ombudsman for…” ? But when searching on Yahoo you were able to view the whole headline stating, “Welcome to the website of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.”

Does the shorter headline that Google displays entice you to open the page to read more? Or does a reader prefer to see a full headline in order to avoid wasting time on an incorrect or uninteresting site?

When writing a headline for an article or website, there are several factors one must keep in mind.  The headline, similar to an opening paragraph of a paper or the first chapter of a novel, should encourage its audience to want to read more.  This can be done my using appropriate engaging words, posing a question that the material would answer, play on words or even portraying a sense of humor.

In the article, 80% of Press Release Headlines Too Long for Google, According to New Study, Amy Yen explained Google’s suggestion for writing a successful headlines for its search engine.  Significant data received from a study preformed by Schwartz MSL Reasearch Group demonstrated how many headlines didn’t make the “cut”.

Amy Yen stated, “Google only displays roughly 65 characters in their search results and therefore releases with headlines 70 characters or under are best optimized for SEO.”

That might sound simple and 65 characters may seem like a lot, but according to the study; out of 16,000 Business Wire press releases from 2011, only around 820 of them contained 65 characters or less.

“Of those, only 19.5% of all releases had headlines with 65 characters or fewer and just 23.7% were at 70 characters or fewer. This suggests that the great majority of press releases do not have headlines fully optimized for search.”

Next time writing a headline make sure to be concise, straight to the point and attract  the reader because you never know when Google might…

…cut you off!


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