Do Facebook Fans Engage With Your Brand?

Consumers have several reasons for becoming a fan of a brand on Facebook.  Either they like the product/service the company provides, they want the benefit (such as exclusive freebies) that you receive once a fan or their friends are fans of the same page.  However, once you become a Facebook fan and enter a contest or receive your freebie, do you ever click back?

In his article, Even Sexy Brands Struggle With Low Engagement on Facebook, Matthew Creamer shares recent research conducted by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute pertaining to 200 of the biggest brands on Facebook.   These companies including Nike, Harley Davidson and Ford have less than 1% of fans engage with the product…its close to only .45%.

After Matthew asked Senior Research Associate Karen Nelson-Field about the statistics, she replied, “Only one brand of the entire 200 in the analysis got an engagement level of 2%. A few over 1%. Most under 1%. So, yes, we could say that Brand A (at 1%) gets twice as much engagement as Brand B (at 0.5%), but that’s like saying, ‘You have 50 cents, I have $1, so I am twice as rich as you. ”

“Ms. Nelson-Field found that the highest engagement was in alcohol, cars, cosmetics and electronics. The lowest was in confectionery, fast-moving consumer goods (such as laundry products), retailers, and software, social platforms and apps,” added Matthew.

Does the fan base and social media really increase the likelihood of consumers purchasing/using the brand?

Social media is an effective tool in most cases; however, the way in which the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is presented to the consumers is the factor that determines its success rate.

A person that has a Facebook account knows that most of their time is spent doing a quick browse through the News Feed and usually not typing in a specific person’s name or company page.  Realizing this perspective of avid Facebook users could be useful to the 200 well-known brands on Facebook who aren’t receiving high engagement rates.

Seeing statuses promoting a company’s brand, having weekly activities or newsletters to entice the fans to visit the page, and having a member of the company follow-up on fans’ comments, questions and concerns are possible solutions to the low engage percentages.

What Facebook layout, promotion, activity, statuses, and interactions would make you have a better connection with a favorite or up and coming brand?


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