Super Bowl XLVI Commercials-Hit or Miss?

What does a superstitious polar bear, a baby in a sling shot, talking candy, and Matthew Broderick all have in common?

Each of those were seen advertising products shown in the 2012 Super Bowl commercials by over 100 million television viewers this past Sunday.

Were some of the commercials more exciting than the big game?  We took a poll in our office of our favorite and least favorite 2012 Super Bowl commercials.  They are as follows:

Judy’s Picks


  1. H & David Beckham
  2. Sketchers: “Go Run”
  3. Bud Light: “Rescue Dog”

Least Favorites:

  1. Chrysler: “Halftime in America”

Laura’s Picks


  1. Doritos: “Sling Shot Baby”
  2. GE: “Building Something Big in Louisville”
  3. Volkswagen: “Dog Strikes Back”

Least Favorites:

  2. Geico

Stephanie’s Picks


  1. Sketchers: “Go Run”
  2. PepsiMax: “Check-Out”
  3. Coca-Cola

Least Favorites:

  1. “Free to Pee”
  2. Chevrolet: “Stunt Anthem”

In general, our favorite commercials earned their place by being creative, clever, new and different.  While the others did not grab our attention or didn’t seem to actually promote the product, we may have not been their (commercials) target audience.  Even with some companies deciding to place its “Super Bowl” commercials on the internet several days before the actual game, each one was stilled looked forward too and created big online buzz.

For example, with Coca-Cola releasing its football polar bear theme days before, viewers were still entertained when siting and waiting to watch the losing team’s polar bear’s (at that point in the game) reaction and actions.  Without any words, the audience was  able to connect to both the product and to each of the Coca-Cola’s bears’ personalities.

Which commercials hit the mark?  Do you feel there were any that had a poor/unclear message?  Will you remember what product a commercial was advertising if asked a week from now?

To watch more Super Bowl XLVI commercials check out Ad Ages’ article, Instant Replay: See All the Super Bowl Spots Again and Again.

Don’t forget to read the News Herald article, Some ads miss the mark, others fail to make one and read more about Laura Lytle’s opinions of this years’ Super Bowl commercials.


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