Newspaper Plans to Revamp Mindset

In this technology driven world featuring tablets, computers, and smartphones, print appears to be heading for the wayside media experts predict. Mediums for information have drastically increased and more so digitally.  Majority of users can log on and find out world news in the matter of seconds with the touch of a button.

The Internet is in discussion as the new axiom for searching information, but the Newspaper Association plans to rebuttal this stance with a new ad campaign entitled, “Smart is the new sexy.” The plan is to advertise the newspaper as the place for people to become more informed, aware, and savvy.

One of the taglines will read, “Be able to find Iran on a map” with a woman reading a print newspaper at a table. It continues on with another messages, “know what the city council is up to behind closed doors.”

In the eve of newspapers undergoing a severe transformation, the Newspaper Association intends to revamp the usual association with newspapers to a more appealing image.  The Martin agency heads the new ad campaign.

“We all grew up assuming that the world would have the kind of journalism that newspapers provide,” said Mike Hughes, the president of the Martin Agency. “The fact is the financing model for newspapers has radically changed over the years. We have to be thought of in new ways.”

The fresh ad campaign could not come at a better time. With print newspaper revenues declining and the growth of online newspapers vastly growing, print needs a new mindset.

“It’s a campaign for what newspapers represent, whether they are in print, online, or mobile. What they represent are the ideals of an informed citizenry and democracy.”

With the upcoming presidential election, protestors occupying Wall Street, political upheaval in the Middle East, and many other pertinent world events, people need to be informed.

As the old saying “Sex Sells” lets cross our fingers it appeals for a literary vehicle.


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