Postal Service Announces New Ad Campaign

On the eve of reporting historic revenue losses, the Postal Service has decided to keep striving forward. The logistics provider will launch a couple of new ads revolving around their “If it fits, it ships” campaign this weekend. This weekend the two ads will be televised. If you are watching college football or news broadcasting, you will probably notice the new spots. These advertising broadcasts hope to remind of the consumer that print mail is not hacked like e-mail, and still providing safe, reliable deliveries.

Although reporting monumental losses, there is a ray of hope. “We’re not trying to say technology is bad. But the predictions of how fast customers would leave us were overstated,” said the manager of advertising and media planning for Postal Service Joyce Carrier. “The switch has been much slower than originally anticipated.”

Still, without a shadow of a doubt the Postal Service must continually compete to be in business.  Representatives announced last Friday a loss of $10 billion dollars, resulting from a decline in mail volume and increase in labor costs. Along with a massive dip in revenue, there is a movement to begin closing post offices, processing facilities and offering worker buyouts. Not only increasing closures and layoffs, they continue to raise the bar of advertising.

In 2010, the Postal Service spent $145 million in print, television, and online advertising, a mere $40 million increase from previous years.  Now, although a huge spike in marketing expenditures recently, it’s still a small amount spent compared to UPS, FedEx, and other brands. With more anticipation of reporting losses, “we just want to slow it down” Carrier said

It still remains to be seen when the digital age will top print materials, but the Postal Service will continue to support the security of using and receiving paper mail.


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