Update from AdWeek in New York

Advertising Week NYC 2011

With a copious amount of conferences and announcements, the 8th annual Advertising Week kicked off this past Monday and has hit the ground running. The first day premiered over 30 expert panels, with plenty of more to come. High- ranking executives and media traveled to convene pitch and discuss pertinent topics involving advertising and marketing, such as Bill Koenigsburg CEO of Horizon Media, Tim Vanderhook CEO of Specific Media, Catherine McLean global head of public affairs and managing director for Porter Novelli Public Services, to name a few.

There were several interesting discussions and announcements…

The first of which derived from Scott Galloway, a NYU professor and head of think tank L2 at the American Magazine Conference. He predicts the magazine industry will be “double dipping” soon, due to the emergence off social media giant Facebook. The scale of Facebook’s reach appears to be unprecedented, which should not be overlooked by publishers. He went on record and said, “Your livelihood is being threatened.”

Another intriguing story came from a pioneer in social media, MySpace.  SpecificMedia, owner of MySpace, sent out CEO Tim Vanderhook and pitch man Justin Timberlake to the floor. Although a slim turnout, MySpace unveiled to a small group of marketers their position to be an outlet for “voices of the unknown” to become stars.  This unique feature targets a younger community of demographics, perhaps a reason why MySpace can be valuable.  A very possible opportunity, but users are concerned about the outlook of the design. The VIP event quieted the storm though, with many onlookers agreeing it looked notably nice.

ABC and Yahoo have collaborated to form a new digital news alliance. With ABC looking for a digital news presence, and Yahoo searching for ways to stay competitive, the deal could not be more advantageous. The major announcement of their new website debuting soon, GoodMorningAmerica.com, will be apart of the Yahoo Network.  ABC and Yahoo will also launch three video series highlighting “Newsmakers.” These online videos will air online before reaching TV.

More highlights of the prestigious Advertising Week in New York to come…


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