Coca-Cola will “Move to the Beat” for 2012 Olympics


Mr. Ronson with Athlete's

Coca-Cola begins to plan ahead for the upcoming London Olympics and this time they are embarking on a new creative frontier… The marketing campaign, titled “Move to the Beat” introduces Mark Ronson as the artistic director for the piece, a British music producer with strong popular appeal. As one of the world’s leading beverage companies, Coca-Cola will seek to incorporate music, youth and sport for it’s next global masterpiece.  The campaign will feature five Olympic athletes, who will act as brand ambassadors for the beverage giant.

The marketing director, Claudia Navarro, comprised the talented group of athletes from around the world. They are: Darius Knight, 21, is a U.K. table tennis player; Kseniya Vdovina, 24, is a Russian runner; David Oliver, 29, is a U.S. hurdler; Dayyan Jaffer, 17, is an archer for Singapore; and the final spot is Maria Espinoza, 23, is a taekwondo star.

These athletes will become the faces for the marketing campaign, revolving around the creative music of Ronson. The song will be highlighted by the tones of the hard working athletes. Mr. Ronson mixes the emphatic sounds of the athletes with the beat of the song to intertwine the focus of the campaign: “reaching young people with global music efforts.”

For example, Ms. Vdovina willingly ran on the treadmill until her pulse read 120 times per minute, which was the rate of the tempo, to incorporate the physical endurance of the athlete with the beat of the song.  Also, Mr. Knight’s grunts and Ms. Espinoza’s squeaks will also be merged within the song.

Ms. Navarro has said the 2012 Olympic campaign is very different from the 2008 campaign in Beijing. She said, “Stories don’t live in one specific media. Last time, we made a TV commercial. This time we are telling stories. And mobile has an incredibly different role- it means there’s an interface with our stories anytime, anywhere”

To tie-in the global effort of the sounds of sports and music, Coca-Cola has also signed musically gifted British singer Katy B to perform the song by Mr. Ronson.

London plans to have an early showing of the performance this week for a select audience of 1000, featuring the young athlete ambassadors and students.

So how were these athletes chosen? Well, for one they needed to be apart of the sports team selected by Mr. Ronson. Coca-Cola also wants to be clear, and states.:“The athlete’s weren’t chosen because they are gold medal hopefuls. They were chosen because of their smiles, they way they talk and because they are the right fit for Coca-Cola,” from a recent article.

These award winning athletes, as well as the final product of music genius Mr. Ronson will be showcased in a documentary, which will be available on TV, cinema, web, and any other platform.

The much-anticipated song will be released March 2012.


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