Quick and dirty Twitter tips

To prove that effectively getting your point across in minimal characters is possible, we’ve compiled this mini post with the following 140 or fewer characters quick and dirty tips to increase and retain Twitter followers:

1. Tweet something useful. Give me a benefit to following you.

2. Link to secondary news sources. Opinions are good (on occasion). Facts are best.

3. Utilize hashtags in tweets. Hashtags provide a common thread between tweeters.

4. Use appropriate language at all times.

5. Don’t spam. Twitter users don’t care to read your every thought. Calm down.

6. Tweet @ other Twitter users, especially if they asked a question or made a comment.

7. Retweet interesting tweets from people you follow.

All 140 or fewer characters, and we bet you understood each direction clearly. Now get tweeting (effectively).


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A marketing communications professional helping other marketing professionals, business leaders and marketing students gain a better understanding of trends in advertising and public relations as well as tips for being a successful marketer.

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