$25,000 for your wedding or divorce from Miracle Whip

Miracle Whip recently whipped up a new campaign that’s garnered a lot of positive attention from ad folks like us, and for good reason!

The Miracle Whip “Not For Every Relationship” contest asks couples to submit a 60 or fewer second video answering the question, “How has Miracle Whip affected your relationship?” before 11:59 p.m. August 23.

The videos should detail how Miracle Whip adds to or detracts from their relationship. The videos may only contain two consenting individuals (AKA- one couple), they must be family friendly, they can’t contain any copy written music, etc., etc. Full rules are available here.

Video judging occurs August 24- September 12, and the winner will be announced September 13. The winning couple receives $25,000 for their upcoming wedding or imminent divorce.

Contest entrants still have 20 days to create and submit their videos, but a handful of bold couples have already submitted their video answers. As of now, our favorite is caseybabe21’s “The Checklist for LOVE.” Her video production may not be high-quality, but Jack the Aussie sure is a looker!

Miracle Whip created buzz for the campaign by releasing a few quirky examples of real couple responses to Miracle Whip questions. Before that, they released commercials of celebs and real people answering whether they were friend or foe of the condiment. (At least, we think they were real people and not actors.) All of the videos are very real, well-written, and engaging. We suggest taking the ten minutes to watch them all. See them on Miracle Whip’s youtube channel.

We don’t plan on submitting any videos to the contest, but you can bet that we’ll continue to watch the submitted videos.

You can also bet that several of us at McKinney-Cerne will continue to spread Miracle Whip on our sandwiches at lunchtime…while the rest of us look on in utter disgust.


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