The Benefits of Google+

Google is a favorite topic of ours at McKinney-Cerne Inc. We’ve already posted about Google Chrome’s uber cool “The web is what you make of it campaign,” we utilize the search engine countless times a day, and now we can’t stop buzzing about Google+.

For any social media hermits out there who may be reading today, the Google+ Project is Google’s latest creation, and it’s our first glimpse at the social media tricks Google has up its sleeve. Right now, the Google+ Project is running on an invitation only basis, so social media fanatics need to wait until an insider or friend sends a Google+ golden ticket their way.

A few of us here have been the lucky recipients of a Google+ invitation. (Ironically, most of us received our invites by replying to a Facebook friend’s status update.) None of us have explored Google+ too in-depth just yet (who has the time?!?), but here’s what we like about Google’s offering so far:

1. Circles. Personally, my biggest annoyance with Facebook is that I can’t filter my status updates or photos with friends. I want my best friend to see the pictures that prove how great bar-hopping was last weekend, but I sure don’t want my dad to see them. With Facebook, I couldn’t make that distinction. With Google+ Circles, I can. To utilize the feature, I simply divide my Google+ connections into headers I create and share only what I want them to know. What could be better?

2. Sparks. The internet has mounds upon mounds of junk on it, but Sparks sorts through the junk to deliver something you’re actually interested in. Are you interested in elephants? Search elephants, sort through the results, and add good results to your interests. Bam! Sparks is essentially like StumbleUpon, but you get more targeted, less cooky results.

3. Less spam, more security. From what we’ve seen so far, spam/ hacker posts haven’t filtered onto our profiles. Please note, however, Google+ is new, so we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

4. Zero advertising infiltration. We know it’s weird to hear, but even us advertisers get sick of advertising yelling at us from our computer screen. Google+ is brand spankin’ new. That means zero pop-ups and zero banner ads. Of course, this fact will probably change should Google+ prove to be successful.

5. The ability to network. Young professionals rejoice! With Google+, you don’t need to be scared to network because adding a person to a circle doesn’t make them your “friend.” You can block any potential employer or co-worker from seeing incriminating photos because, unlike Facebook, they aren’t automatically shared with everyone you’re connected to.

Take the Google+ Project tour to learn more, or watch this quirky video from on The Todd Morris Blog.


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