Love or challenge thy pits?

The season of sleeveless shirts is upon us, and hygiene marketers certainly haven’t wasted any time promoting their products, most notably, deodorant. Okay, so increased deodorant advertising coinciding with rising temperatures isn’t a surprise, but what is surprising is one brand’s take on the taboo underarm.

When it comes to deodorant, most brands position their products as superheroes who will defeat the smelly and sweaty nemesis. Dove continued that traditon by declaring the underarm “unsightly” and offering women Unilever’s solution to softer, more attractive armpits in five days with its gosleeveless deodorants. Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert was among the campaigns critics. He declared that Unilever created an unnecessary insecurity by inventing a solution for a problem women didn’t have.

After gaining insights from U.S. and U.K. consumers and seeing the Unilever backlash, ad agency Mother New York took a different approach to Mitchum’s line of deodorants. The new campaign entitled “Love thy pits” celebrates the armpit and asks, why combat your armpit when you’re in this together?

Mitchum is owned by Revlon Consumer Products Corporation. Its campaign includes commercials,  print ads, radio ads, and even a social media aspect in which Mitchum’s right and left armpits will tweet about current world events with the hashtag #lovethypits for 48 hours. (Forty-eight because that’s how many hours Mitchum deodorants keep you and your pits protected.)

The campaign is cool and quirky with impressive visuals by Brand New School, a creative production company. It gives a new appreciation to the otherwise  unappreciated underarm.


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